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Don’t Let Billing Hassles Keep You from Offering Oral Appliances

February 16, 2018

Dentist and assistant in exam room with man in chair smilingIf you’re a dentist who’s still not offering oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea sufferers, we can almost assume medical insurance claims and billing are what’s keeping you away from this revenue driver. We know that billing can be a hassle, and your team members are already overtaxed with dental insurance claims, adding medical insurance to the mix is just too much for your staff. You need time for your patients! We hear you. At Brady Billing, we make oral appliance therapy billing and insurance claims simple, so dentists and dental care teams can keep their focus where it belongs – on the patient.

3 Reasons 2018 is the Year You Offer Sleep Apnea Therapy

December 19, 2017

Man covering his ears next to snoring wifeIf you’re like the majority of dentists, you know that dental sleep apnea treatments using oral appliances are gaining in popularity, but you may be hesitant to jump into this new area of treatment. At Brady Billing, we see dentists flourish when offering this service for their patients, and we want to help you include sleep apnea in your dental office in 2018. Don’t send your loyal patients to another office for their oral appliances. Keep them in your practice where they belong, and let Brady Billing help.

Take the First Step to Become a Sleep Dentist Today

November 27, 2017

Doctor recording snoringIf you’ve been considering expanding your dentistry services to include treatments for sleep apnea, you likely know this can be a lucrative revenue stream for your practice. However, it’s not as easy as adding the service to your website. You’ll need to network with local sleep doctors, advertise your services, and likely, spend time educating patients about the benefits associated with oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. Keep reading to learn more about making the transition to offering advanced sleep apnea therapies in your dental office.

4 Tips for Growing Your Dental Sleep Medicine Practice

November 7, 2017

Man falling asleep at workIf you’re just getting started offering sleep apnea treatment in your dental office, you may want to consider putting a little extra effort into separating yourself from the other dentists offering oral appliance therapy in your area. A few simple steps could help you beef up the profitability of your new service.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Medical Billing for Sleep Apnea Appliances

October 19, 2017

Insurance coverage formsFor the most part, dentists don’t have to deal with medical billing. Rather than struggling with medical billing for sleep apnea appliances, consider trusting the Brady Billing team with all of your medical billing. This ensures your patients will get the maximum benefits they need and keep sleep apnea appliances within any budget. Keep reading to learn more about how the Brady Billing team can help you process and file medical insurance claims, so you can concentrate on the most important part of your practice – the patients.

Can Any Dentist File Medical Insurance Claims?

September 15, 2017

If the dentist is performing a treatment that is not necessarily just affecting the smile or oral health, medical insurance coverage may be open to the patient. In these cases, a dentist can file medical insurance claims. Some dentists don’t know that this option is open to them, but in many situations, it’s important to understand the way medical insurance coverage can help make advanced treatments more affordable for your patients. Taking time to explore potential medical insurance coverage in addition to maximizing dental benefits can truly set a dental practice apart from the competition.

Gap Exception with Sleep Apnea Insurance Billing for Dentist

June 28, 2017

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Get a gap exception with sleep apnea insurance billing for dentist.Now, more and more dental practices are choosing to offer treatment for sleep apnea due to the use of an oral appliance. However, this does create a certain set of challenges as the patient’s medical coverage must be billed instead of their dental. With sleep apnea insurance billing for dentist treatments, one area you may have difficulty with is a gap exception. At Brady Billing, we understand the process is a bit confusing. We will help shed some light on the insurance waiver.

Why You Need Pre-Authorizations for Billing Medical Insurance for Dentist

April 19, 2017

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Pre-authorizations for billing medical insurance for dentist.Now, more dentists are offering treatments for certain medical conditions, like sleep apnea. While this offers a great service to the community and helps build your practice, it does come with a set of challenges. When treating medical conditions, you have to bill the patient’s medical insurance, not their dental insurance. As a result, it can lead to errors that could cause issues with the reimbursement process. When billing medical insurances for dentist practices, you need pre-authorizations. With insurance pre-determinations, you will ensure a procedure is covered under the patient’s insurance prior to offering the treatment.

Electronic Claims Ease Stress for Medical Billing for Dentists

September 7, 2016

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Benefit from electronic medical billing for dentists.Technological advancements constantly revolutionize the dental industry by allowing dentists to increase comprehensive care to patients. However, dental procedures and diagnostic equipment are not the only aspects impacted by technology. The process of claims submissions is also enhanced. With the use of electronic medical billing for dentists, the entire process is simplified while offering a more accurate process with less headache and stress. By adopting electronic claims submission systems, dentists experience less stress and fewer rejections for an overall increased efficiency throughout the dental practice.

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