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In-Network Medical Insurance Coverage for Dental Care


Many dentists don’t want the hassle of dealing with medical insurance providers in order to offer sleep apnea therapy. The complicated claims, varying coverage, and other issues all in addition to handling complex dental insurance policies makes handling medical billing a struggle for many dentistry practices. You don’t want to waste time you could be spending with your patients struggling with complicated medical billing, but you also don’t want to forego medical coverage when it could benefit your patients. That’s where Brady Billing comes in. Our team of dedicated professionals can take the hassles of medical insurance billing out of your office. Call our team to learn more about how to offer in-network medical insurance coverage for sleep apnea patients, and how Brady Billing can help.


What is the Process of Getting In-Network Coverage?

As dentists, most oral appliance therapy providers are not in-network with medical insurance plans, and there are not options available yet for dental practices to become traditional in-network providers for medical insurance policies. However, there ways to offer patients in-network coverage for their custom crafted oral appliances. It involves making phone calls to each patient’s medical insurance provider. The insurer will then search the area for other providers that are in-network. If none are found, they will likely extend in-network benefits to your patients. In most cases, all providers of oral appliances are dentists and will not be in-network with medical policies, so there shouldn’t be any issue receiving in-network coverage.

While the process of calling and working with medical insurance providers for each patient isn’t necessarily difficult, it can be extremely time-consuming, especially for dental offices that provide sleep apnea appliances regularly. That’s why many dentists don’t bother to do the extra work to offer in-network medical insurance coverage for their patients who want to receive a custom sleep apnea appliance.

What is the Benefit of Offering In-Network Care?

person with paperwork, computers, and calculator spread across deskWhen you offer in-network care for sleep apnea sufferers, the patient receives the care they need at the most affordable price. If your office doesn’t do the legwork to provide patients with in-network medical insurance coverage, other dentists will. That means you are at risk to lose your patients to other dental practices. Keep your patients in the office by offering them the coverage they deserve and have already invested in by working with Brady Billing to help patients receive in-network medical insurance coverage for all of their sleep apnea therapy needs in your office.

Why Should I Trust Brady Billing?

Man and woman looking at clipoboard with paperworkThe Brady Billing team has years of experience working with dental practices to offer maximized medical insurance benefits for sleep apnea sufferers. Oral appliances are best crafted by a dentist, but technically, they’re a medical device that is often covered by medical insurance. It can be difficult to handle the nuances of medical insurance and billing, but our team can help. We are happy to handle medical insurance claims, billing, preauthorization, and gap exception for your office. You can rely on us to get your patients the best coverage, and you can continue to focus on your patients.

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