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Electronic Claims

Creating Greater Accuracy with Less Paper

An insurance claim form on a laptop

At Brady Billing, we understand how difficult and tiresome it can be to do everything by hand. Many dentist offices still use traditional, hard copies to file insurance claims. While this practice is hard to move away from, we believe in the benefits associated with submitting electronic claims. From improved accuracy, reduced costs, faster payments, and even simplified recordkeeping, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of using an electronic claim submission system. If you’re ready to save some trees and opt for a faster, more accurate and affordable way of handling your client’s insurance claims, contact our office to learn more.

Why are Electronic Claims Better?

A paper insurance claim form

It should come as no surprise that advancements in technology have made it easier for everyone, not just billing service companies like us, to disseminate information. From handwritten letters to emails and phone books to a quick Google search, technology certainly has its advantages.

When it comes to better serving your clients and the time it takes to file insurance claims, don’t you want something that is faster, more accurate, and more affordable? Here are just a few reasons why opting for the submission of electronic claims is better than the old way:

You Mention More Affordability, How So?

A piggy bank looking at a calculator

When it comes to saving money, you want a solution that will do just that, right? With electronic claim submission, you will be saving your practice a tremendous amount of money. With traditional paper claims, there was the process of printing each document and mailing it through the postal service. Not only are you spending money on the paper needed to print the necessary paperwork, but you were having to budget for postage, envelopes, and shipping.

Electronic claim submission eliminates the need for all that, allowing you to budget for more important things like newer equipment that provide greater accuracy and precision when performing a procedure or treating a patient.

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