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Our Medical Billing Services

Your patients deserve your full attention and skilled support, especially when they’re combating something as serious as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) disorder. Instead of having to fruitlessly spend time and resources on maneuvering your way through complicated medical billing procedures, allow our team to handle the work instead so yours can go back to focusing on what’s most important. We look forward to working closely with your practice well into the future.

Verifications in 24 Hours

When it comes to verifying a patient’s insurance and ensuring that their care at your practice will be successfully covered, time can be of the essence. At Brady Billing, we thoroughly review all submitted information and ensure that gaps and errors are taken care of right away so that the process is as smooth and speedy as it can possibly be .Within just 24 hours, you and your patient will be ready to move forward with potentially life-changing treatment.

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Securing payment for health services and/or equipment for your patient is a breeze with Brady Billing’s approach. We will contact the insurance company personally and initiate the authorization process, sending in the documentation you’ve provided us with to ensure a smooth, worry-free process. Our team will monitor the situation closely and let you know as soon as possible if an approval or denial has occurred. All authorizations will need to be clearly demonstrated as medically necessary for the patient in question.

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As a courtesy, Brady Billing is happy to provide dental benefit pre-determinations once we’ve been provided with the correct, completed paperwork for a specific case. This allows you and your patient to understand the scope of the benefits afforded to them by their current plan right up-front. This pre-determination will depend on several factors, including the eligibility of the patient and the provider, the provider’s participating status, and any benefit maximums that are in effect.

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Electronic Claims

The days of having to tediously submit all insurance claims on paper are long gone here at Brady Billing. Instead, we utilize electronic claims for improved speed, greater accuracy, and a more affordable cost overall. Are paper claims necessary in your situation? Our team members are well-versed in hardcopy as well, which means clients don’t need to worry whether or not their patient’s case will be handled successfully. Above all else, we’re dedicated to combining convenient processes with quality attention.

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Denial & Appeals

If the insurance claim we filed on your behalf has been denied by the company for reasons that are inaccurate in nature, our team at Brady Billing will take the needed steps towards starting the appeals process with your documentation in hand. We’ll exhaust all available avenues and fight not only for your office, but also for your valued patients who are entitled to their maximum reimbursement as laid out in their personal insurance plan.

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Fee Negotiations

When it comes to your patient’s wellbeing, in-network exceptions could be the deciding factor between them accepting necessary treatment or choosing to suffer in silence. With our help, doctors don’t have to settle for the reduced number of viable cases that come with painfully high deductibles and co-insurance limits. Our team at Brady Billing will fight for the best possible scenario in every case, maximizing your patient’s reimbursement as thoroughly as possible. Ask us about the percentage of our clients who were successfully reimbursed last month – the value is sure to impress you!

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