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3rd Party Billing Helps Eliminate Unpleasant Financial Surprises

March 28, 2019

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As many dentists are already well aware, people don’t like going to the dental office. When asked why, people give a whole range of reasons, including lack of time, fear of dentists, and dental sensitivity making appointments painful. One reason stands head and shoulder above every other given by patients for avoiding their dentist – money. More patients skip dental appointments due to cost than any other reason. When you ask a patient to trust you with a treatment that isn’t going to be covered by their dental insurance, like sleep dentistry, it’s essential to do your best to remove any potential financial surprises for your patients by understanding medical insurance benefits and maximizing this coverage. For many dentists, working with a third party billing agency is the ideal solution to ensure the dental office gets payment for their provided services, and patients get the treatment they need at a price that fits their budgets. Keep reading to learn a little more about how a good third party billing agency can help your dental office offer affordable sleep dentistry services.

How 3rd Party Billing Helps

Your dental office team already has a lot of tasks to do outside of helping patients. Scheduling, processing dental insurance claims, and keeping up with billing and payments. When you add sleep dentistry into your dental office, this may mean your team members are stuck spending even more time dealing with insurance and billing. A third party billing agency can offer billing services that help you by taking any or all of the following tasks off of your plate:

  • Verification
  • Preauthorization
  • Predetermination
  • Electronic claims
  • Negotiations & appeals

What Your Dental Office Team Should Know

Even if you partner with a third party agency to handle billing, it’s still essential that you and your team members understand the basics and can explain the process to your patients, so they’re never surprised by extra fees. A good third party biller will handle the tasks for your team, but a great third party biller will also take the time to train your dental office team. This ensures that your team members have the ability to help patients with their insurance questions, offer accurate estimates for out of pocket prices, and ensure optimal customer service.

Meet the Brady Billing Team

At Brady Billing, we offer a full range of billing services for dentists who offer sleep dentistry services. Because we work exclusively in this area, we are truly the experts. Unlike other billing agencies, we are not an all or nothing service provider. We offer customized plans to suit your dental office needs, and we always take the time to educate dentistry teams about medical insurance and billing for dental sleep medicine. Are you ready to partner with us? Give our team a call today.

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