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Introductions – The First Phase of Starting a Dental Sleep Practice

July 30, 2018

Smiing woman looking at tabletWhen you’re ready to start offering your dental patients sleep apnea treatment options, you will need to follow a simple three-step plan to get your thriving dental sleep practice up and running. First, you need to make introductions, so your peers in the medical and dental community, as well as your patients, know you are offering the service. Second, you’ll need to learn more about medical insurance and billing. Finally, you’ll want to build your online presence and provide the necessary information to your patients both current and potential. In this post, we’ll discuss the first phase of starting your dental sleep practice – making introductions.

Meet the Local Sleep Doctors

The first and potentially most important step is letting local sleep doctors know that you’re going to offer custom oral appliances for patients with sleep apnea. You may want to schedule lunches, seminars, or simply provide information to local sleep doctors. The better your relationships with the physicians at local practices, the more likely they are to refer patients to you for oral appliances. It’s important to take the time to develop these relationships in order to build your sleep practice.

Tell Your Current Patients

Another source of potential patients isn’t always as obvious to dentists, but actually, you have a built-in resource – your current patients. You should find a way to let your current customer base know that you’re now offering sleep apnea therapies. A great way to promote this new service is to offer free or discounted sleep apnea screenings during dental exams. If you use a newsletter, blog, social media, or direct mail marketing, you can utilize these tools to let your patients know about sleep apnea services. You may also want to place signage and/or informational resources inside your practice where patients will see the information during their appointments.

Meet the Brady Billing Team

One of the many reasons dentists avoid offering oral appliances is the hassle of dealing with medical insurance and billing. Let the Brady Billing team help. We offer billing and insurance resources for dental sleep medicine practitioners, so you can concentrate on your patients and community. Located in Frisco, Texas, our team offers resources for dental sleep medicine practices across the country. If you want learn more about our personalized services to help you jump start your sleep dentistry office, call to schedule a one on one consultation with us today. We look forward to working with you and your team to make offering sleep dentistry services simple.

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