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Medical Billing – The Second Phase of Starting a Dental Sleep Practice

August 21, 2018

Business woman standing near her workplace.In a busy dental office, adding one more thing to your team’s to-do list can be a real challenge, especially when you’re growing the practice by offering a new service like dental sleep medicine. One common struggle dental offices have when it comes to opening their dental sleep practice is deciding whether or not to process medical insurance benefits. Many offices choose to forego this service, encouraging patients to apply for reimbursement of treatment costs directly from the medical benefit provider. While the reimbursement application process is usually pretty straightforward, patients may choose to visit a dental sleep practice that will complete these claims forms for them. If you want to offer medical insurance coverage for your patients without putting unnecessary stress on your dental office team, Brady Billing is here to help. We offer medical insurance and billing services, specializing in assisting dental sleep offices. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the reasons it’s so important to give your patients access to their medical coverage when building a new dental sleep office.

Improved Patient Confidence

Patients want to know they can use their insurance, and when it comes to visiting a dentist for treatment typically covered by medical benefits, this is one of the main things that deters patients from getting necessary treatments in a dental office. If you can guarantee medical insurance coverage, patients will feel much more confident scheduling a consultation or treatment visit in your dental sleep medicine practice.

Increased Referrals

In order to refer patients to your team, doctors want to know their patients will receive medical insurance coverage for their custom crafted oral appliances. While more patients are familiar with how oral appliances can offer relief for sleep apnea, you will still receive the bulk of your business from doctor referrals. If you’re able to accommodate medical benefit claims, doctors are much more likely to send their patients to you for their sleep apnea appliances.

Meet the Brady Billing Team

Brady Billing offers a number of medical insurance and billing services with two goals to take the stress off your dental team members and ensure your patients get the coverage they deserve. Located in Frisco, Texas, we offer billing services for dental offices offering sleep medicine services to streamline the process. If you want to learn more about how we can help grow your new dental sleep medicine practice, call to talk about our services today. We look forward to partnering with you and your team to make the medical insurance and billing process a breeze.

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